Poem Thank You, My Love

For the hundred times you’ve helped me A million “thanks” are due, But how I wish that I could give A million “thanks” and two. A million “thanks” and two? No way! An impossible hill to climb. Impossible, yes, but I’ll try no doubt. To concede would be a crime. One way; I see another “thanks”. It … Continue reading Poem Thank You, My Love


Merry Christmas and…

Apparently, this year, Hannukah started on the same day as Christmas Eve. So while I celebrate Christmas myself, it is truly appropriate on this day to wish everyone some happy holidays. Whenever and whatever it is you celebrate, I hope it's a good celebration.

Your Idea isn’t Original: The Epigraph

"Originality consists in returning to the origin." -Antoni Gaudí (Spanish architect, 1852-1926) I have a lot of creative friends. Most of them related to my experience in theatre. A lot of these friends like to create their own works. Some write music, some just lyrics. Some of them create choreography, create podcasts, plays, and start … Continue reading Your Idea isn’t Original: The Epigraph